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“All-electric bending machines help us to stay extremely competitive – on all types of projects – if we only had hydraulic machines we probably wouldn’t win a lot of the jobs we bid on.”

– Paul Krickeberg, Sharpe’s President

Unison deal with a large number of ‘domestic’ industries such as the furniture industry. Olicana Products, an office furniture company, purchased two all electric, twin head 5-axis bender, with automatic load and unload features, to both increase production and raise productivity by minimising set-up times between batches. The M.D, Mr Pearson says: “Unison’s service and back-up is fantastic. They are able to resolve nearly all problems immediately on the modem.”In terms of speed, the reality has exceeded the expectation. The Breeze system is bending tubes of varying thicknesses, diameters, cross sectional shapes and materials with an average cycle time 30% quicker than expected”.

Where symetrical shapes are required such as wheelbarrows or seat frames the Twin-Head all electric tube bender is ideal. Machines such as end formers, marking equipment and seam detectors can be fitted as well as automatic loading and unloading. The Unison Twin Head machines are available in a range to bend between 16 – 50mm tube.


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