Unison Ltd is thrilled to invite you to Fabtech 2017

October 19th, 2017

FABTECH is the place where the industry’s most influential buyers come to see the latest and greatest in metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing. They seek out innovative technology and products to make their businesses more productive and profitable.

“Unison Ltd are delighted to be exhibiting at Fabtech 2017 in Chicago, we’ve been exhibiting at Fabtech for the last 15 years and feel it’s the perfect show to see prospective and existing clients. Soon we will be opening an advanced manufacturing facility in Virginia which will enable us to further support our existing clients and expand our customer base in North America.
“The new facility will include a full training school working in conjunction with the local community college – this is a key ingredient to building our team, supporting our client’s needs for training and developing the Engineers of the future.” Julian Kidger, Joint Managing Director of Unison Ltd.

Unison Ltd will attend the show with a selection of its innovative tube bending machinery and technology.

Here’s an overview of the products you can see at booth B11044:

80mm Breeze – left & right handed tube bender, multi-stack (more than one toolset), multi-radius (can bend multiple tube diameters). This high capacity tube bender is ideal for high accuracy and repeatability which is necessary for the automotive & furniture industries. The machine can mount various radius’s at the same time which reduces change over time between product runs. The machine has the capability of bending tubes from their smallest diameter tube to the largest used. These options give our customers complete control over their production.

Options Include: Multi Stack, Multi Radius, Boosted Powered Follower (SERVO), Full Length Carriage Push (SERVO), Roll Forming, Mandrel Retraction (SERVO) Mandrel Lubrication, CMM Interface, Split Tooling, CAD Links, 3D Machine Simulation, Tooling Barcode Reader and Robot Loading & Unloading.

25mm Breeze tube bending machine – left and right-handed tube bender (the bend head shifts so the bend arm can bend in both directions) these machines are typically used in oil & gas for complex parts which may cause collisions on a standard machine. The Unison Breeze 25mm tube bending machine is perfect for small, complex, accurate tubes typically found in automotive, oil and gas, marine or aerospace components. The tube bender is available with multi-stack tooling option and automatic loading/unloading.

EB1000 – is a CNC tube bending machine controlled, manually operated 3 axis CNC (Computer Numerical Control) precision tube bender with a capacity of up to 50.80 dia.
Bending- Our latest machines are able to bend tubes up to 2” O/D with a power assisted bend arm developed by Unisons design specialists. All our products are production robust and conform to industry standards.
Coiling- The EB1000/2000 can produce coils for a wide range of industries that include Heating and Processing Industries. Vending, Commercial Vehicles, Printing, the Brewery trade.
End Forming- Our DB50 machinery caters for end forming, end closing, bending and hole punching. Complex and basic design end forms are produced on ferrous/ non-ferrous tube, ranging from 4mm to 63mm tube diameter.


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