Unison can provide all tooling for your bending needs and hold a large inventory of mandrels, wiper dies, bend dies, clamps and pressure dies. We can design complex metal bending tools for the most difficult bent shapes as well as give excellent technical support and service. Unison has provided tube bender tooling for many of the most challenging projects in all sectors including Aerospace, Marine and Automotive . Using the latest CAD/CAM technologies we endeavour to provide the highest quality products at the shortest possible lead times.

Unison has pioneered many innovations in this sector including :

  • Quick Change Collets and Mandrels.
  • Bar Coded Tooling for Automated Setup and Poke-Yoke error prevention

Tube Bender Tooling:

The Collet holds the tube to allow for multiple bends

The Bend Die is used to form the tube to the desired radius.

The Clamp Die holds the tube securely to the Bend Die so that the tube does not slip during bending.

The Pressure Die reacts the force created by the bending moment and if driven forward can reduce wall thinning.

The Mandrel is used inside the tube to keep the tube from collapsing inward. Choosing the right mandrel is very important in determining the quality of the bend.

The Wiper Die is placed against the Bend Die on the inside of the bend to eliminate wrinkles. Used for premium and aerospace bending.

Unison can provide tooling to bend from 10mm to 180mm, draw bending, compression bending and roll form tooling.

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