Unison Tube Bending Machines

Pioneers in All-Electric Tube Bending Machines

As the only company to have over 20 years’ experience in all-electric tube bending machines there are very few applications we haven’t come across. Our unique design provides automatic set-up, right first time manufacturing, improved reliability and accuracy – all with reduced skill requirements. Environmental benefits include a 90 percent reduction in power consumption, noise and waste, compared to traditional hydraulic tube bending technology. Our all-electric tube benders can be configured for either right or left bending with manual or automatic load/unload.

16mm-150x150 20mm-150x150 25mm-150x150 30mm-150x150 copy 40mm-150x150
16mm (5/8″) 20mm (3/4″) 25mm (1″) 30mm (1.25″) 40mm (1.5″)
50mm-150x150 65mm-150x150 76mm-150x150 copy 100mm-150x150 copy 115mm-150x150 copy
50mm (2″) 65mm (2.5″) 76mm (3″) 100mm (4″) 115mm (4.5″)
130mm-150x150 copy 150mm-150x150 copy 175mm-150x150 copy
130mm (5″) 150mm (6″) 175mm (7″) 220mm (8″) 273mm (10″)
pinball-150x150 twinhead-150x150 breezecoiler-150x150 robots-150x150 copy
Pinball Twin Head Breeze Coiler Robot Benders Evbend

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