20mm Breeze

  • Suitable for bending tubes up to 20mm diameter including stainless steel
  • Available in multi-radius, multi-stack, single-stack and left & right hand versions
  • Direct acting clamp and pressure die for rigidity and accuracy
  • Full CNC control over all axis including clamp and pressure dies
  • Force sensing on the clamp & pressure die
  • Very environmentally friendly no hydraulic leaks, oil waste etc.
  • Noise level: 50 to 60db (voice level)
  • Unibend V11 – Easy to use PC Based Control System Using Windows
  • Machine auto lubrication system as standard
  • Internet Off Site Diagnostics & Black Box Diagnostics
  • Setup time is reduced, Setup skill level required is reduced
  • Scrap is reduced and productivity increased


Like all Unison tube bending machines the 20mm Breeze is available with multi stack tooling option and automatic loading/unloading. Ideal were small complex accurate tubes are required, typically automotive or aerospace components.

Options Include :

Multi Stack, Multi Radius, Boosted Powered Follower (SERVO),  Full Length Carriage Push (SERVO), Roll Forming, Mandrel Retraction (SERVO) Mandrel Lubrication, CMM Interface, Split Tooling, CAD Links, 3D Machine Simulation, Tooling Barcode Reader and Robot Loading & Unloading.



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