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Unison have a design and management team experienced in running large complex military and commercial projects with the constant demands which these large projects exert on quality and technology.

Unison was established in 1973 to design and built computerised control systems for industry. Unison designed the first computer controls for several well-known Tube Bending machine manufacturers in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

In 1989 Unison felt that customers needs were not being listened to and expanded to design and develop a full range of tube bending machines. In 1993/4 Unison completed a feasibility research study into the possibility of removing the ‘Black Art’ of tube bending, by designing a fully automated set up tube bending machine. This method of control was revolutionary and enabled all positions and forces necessary to bend a tube to be stored and recalled by computer. This method of control was patented in both the UK and Germany.

In 1995 Unison developed the first three ‘all-electric’ tube bending machines 20mm, 40mm and 65mm tube capacity. The very first machine went into service in 1996 and is still in production.

Since the first machines were developed Unison has increased the range to cover tubes 4mm to 180mm diameter with the ‘all-electric’ technology capable of running machines of over 220mm. The use of the servo technology to control all moving parts has enabled Unison to build machines for customers with virtually unlimited control features completely unavailable to machines using hydraulics to move the tooling or the part being made.

Unison reputation

• Proven Systems and applications expertise, creating high performance, customised solutions.

• World-class manufacturing facilities with skilled, experienced and dedicated engineers and technicians.

• Significant experience in applications, machine design and performance.

• Flexible organisation, focused on collaborating with customers to meet their unique needs.

• Global engineering and support services supporting customers around the world.



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