Tube bending for Aerospace


“The Unison machine has allowed us to trim days off the normal fabrication times for many of the complex tubing parts we produce, as well as eliminating intermediate cleaning processes.”

 – Thomas Marshall, Manufacturing Engineer in Burbank

Unison have provided tube bending machines to major aerospace manufacturers for both commercial and military markets. Unisons advanced control system is ideal for the high quality aerospace environment where exotic materials are often bent to precision accuracy. Our machines have been used to create products used within airframes and on engines, in both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.

Our machines have been used to great effect at aircraft repair facilities where parts are reversed engineered and re-created. Airbus UK is the British arm of the European aircraft manufacturing consortium and they manufacture many components, including tubular hydraulic fluid lines.

Unison supplied Airbus UK with a machine in its Breeze range to bend tubes of 1-1.5” diameter. These stainless steel and titanium alloy tubes are hydraulic lines, carrying fluid in the wings of the A380, A340 and A320 aircraft.

Therefore, once the Breeze system had been engineered to Airbus’s specifications, key members of the customer’s engineering team were seconded to Unison HQ in Scarborough. This ensured that when the machine hit their shop floor, parts for the A380 were in production immediately. The first machine paid for itself in 16 weeks by reducing scrap alone.

All Unison bending machines have an interface to several CMM measuring machines such as ITP, Multi-Measure, Romer and Add-data.


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