My Immersion Day at Unison Ltd

January 3rd, 2018

immersion day at Unison

This week Amy Barker, came to Unison Ltd at our head office in Scarborough for an immersion day to improve her CAD skills and to get an insight into working at a leading engineering company.

“My name’s Amy Barker, I’m studying Engineering at Scarborough UTC and I went on a day’s work experience at Unison Ltd. I worked in the design department – the area of the business that does all the technical drawings for Unison’s tube bending machines to help improve my CAD skills. Through my immersion day I’ve learned lots of different things about what it’s like to work at a leading engineering firm, It was a fantastic experience to get a practical understanding of using CAD.”

What did you do on your immersion day at Unison Ltd?  I was here doing CAD practice going through some of the trickier concepts to reinforce my understanding of Solidworks. I spent a day within the design team at Unison. During my time with the company I toured the shop floor and tube bending machines being produced – my theoretical lessons at Scarborough UTC became real in front of me.

Why did you choose to study at Scarborough UTC? I decided to join the UTC as a way into doing an apprenticeship in engineering rather than doing the standard A levels and then Degree. I find the best way of learning is though practical experience rather than being taught via a text book.

What are you studying? I’m studying engineering at Scarborough UTC. A career in engineering offers an exciting variety of job options and the possibility of working on world-changing technological developments.

What you enjoy about her immersion day at Unison? I enjoyed being able to understand the concepts being taught having a full day working with CAD has really helped further my understanding.

What did you learn? I learned revolved base boss, swept boss, lofted boss, setting up boarders, doing 2D drawings & assemblies.

Would you recommend doing work experience? Yes, I feel the work experience has better equipped me with knowledge that will enhance my job applications and interviews. I believe it’s helped me to gain a better understanding of the sector I want to go into.

Work experience at Unison Ltd

Our work experience placements are a great place to start developing those employability skills while opening the inspiring possibilities of a STEM-related career at Unison Ltd, or anywhere else in the world of work. For more information about our work experience opportunities please email Mike Lawson –


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