Marine tube bending solutions


“The versatility of an all-electric tube bender, and one capable of making both right and left handed bends, is a major asset for my department.”

 – Kevin Johnston, Integrated Work Team Manager at BAE Systems Submarine Solutions

Unison provides pipe bending and pipe handling systems to automate shipyard applications. Our machines and control systems are designed to form one piece shipyard pipe details very efficiently. Cost savings through reduced scrap material and set up time are enormous.

Why leading shipbuilders choose Unison for advanced tube fabrication:

The ability to bend demanding shapes with ‘instant, no-scrap, set-up’ thanks to intelligent software and precision;
All-electric’ control of all the machine’s axis;
Absolute bending precision thanks to in-line laser measurement and correction of bend angle (auto corrects for material ‘spring-back’ errors, and learns);
Auto set-up — the system will automatically load part data from the network, eliminating operator error;
Environmentally friendly: massive energy savings compared with hydraulic machinery, no waste, and minimal noise;
Built-in intelligence reduces the requirement for a highly trained operator, dramatically increasing overall efficiency;
The time savings from faster machine set up, and scrap reduction means that all-electric machines can repay their investment easily on one project alone.


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