VTube Laser  The VTube software, together with the Faro Arm, provides functionality to measuring cylindrical and rectangular tubes.  The measurements can be used for bender correction and to reverse-engineer tubes to create a CAD model. This is useful to tube fabricators to check manufactured parts against specification, or to help copy a real tube where neither CAD model nor bend data is available.


VTube STEP  The VTube-STEP software provides functionality to create bender machine data from a CAD model (such as a STEP or IGES file). This is useful for tube fabricators who receive CAD models from their customers, and need to create data to control their bending machines.

 To Simulation…Products from the Unison range have been modelled in 3D space with precision accuracy – directly from the CAD models used to build the machines. High definition modelling means that the visual representation of machines surpasses most simulators on the market today.Read More
To Bending…Unibend Office is configured to work in isolation from the bending machine. This version can be used to write and test bend programs without needing to be at the machine console. When used in conjunction with our machine simulation software then Unibend Office can test bend programs and place the responsibility for error free bend programs with the design team.Read More
iPhone Tooling Calculator…The calculator helps demystify the ‘black art’ of tube bending, and is a welcome companion to anyone faced with evaluating tooling requirements for production or costing purposes. The iPhone App is available in both a Standard and Pro version.Read More


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