Products from the Unison range have been modelled in 3D space with precision accuracy – directly from the CAD models used to build the machines. High definition modelling means that the visual representation of machines surpasses most simulators on the market today.

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Posted by Unison Ltd on Wednesday, 8 June 2016


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Opt2Sim Feature Overview


All Opt2Sim simulator machines are modelled from the same CAD design as is used to build the physical machine. This means that the simulated model is a true representation of the real world bending machine


Unison can model real world influencers in the simulator for a complete and dependable simulation. The ceiling and floor height and the distance to surrounding walls can be configured via the user interface; more complex items such as benches and tooling cabinets can be added by Unison on request.


Opt2Sim is in constant communication with Unison’s Unibend motion control software. This ensures that the simulated model is accurately aligned to the motion of the real machine. All movements of the real machine are shown on the simulator, this give a beautiful and informative preview of the bending process and ultimately results in a highly dependable simulation.


The simulator can be run in a mode that ignores collisions; this allows the user to observe the movement of the machine and see the finished part being produced.


Opt2Sim can detect collisions to an accuracy of 0.05mm. Each collision is clearly indicated and the user can choose to ignore the collision by skipping onto the next bend instruction, or they can seek to avoid the collision by adapting the bend program via the graphical interface (i.e. change the direction of rotation or bend direction). All changes to the bend program are easily exported for use on the real bending machine.


Running Opt2Sim in AI mode takes all of the work out of the troubleshooting process. Opt2Sim will automatically simulate all permutations of the bending machine to find a set of bend instructions that will produce your part collision free.


Unison can program your production rules into Opt2Sim to ensure that your parts are produced the way that you want them. For example, if the shortest straight should always be first then Opt2Sim will ensure that this is the preferred solution in the output bend program.


Opt2Sim can be pointed to a folder and can process all of your bend programs in an unattended mode. Simply point to the folder and then return later to a set of dependable bend programs with any problem parts clearly identified for manual intervention or re-design.


If your tubes have pre-welded fittings that impact the possibilities for bending then Opt2Sim can respect these. Clearly a pre-welded fitting means that the tube cannot be reversed; but also, a pre-welded fitting will increase collision probability – this is no problem for Opt2Sim – Unison will work with you to ensure that your fittings are accurately modelled and simulated.


Opt2Sim can report on its processing in a variety of formats including CSV and text file. The Opt2Sim reports give a quick overview of simulation results and more details reports that help to direct your production or design teams to any bending problems and provide screenshots and information that will assist in the review of problematic parts.


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