Tooling for tube bending machines

Let Unison be the “one stop shop” for all your tube bending tooling needs. Unison’s technical team, working with our strategic partners, has the knowledge and experience to solve your most challenging applications.

We manufacture the most comprehensive range of All-Electric bending machines – up to 12” diameter – in configurations from rotary draw to compression and roll bending. Our expertise spans applications from the most challenging aerospace materials to high volume automotive – we can offer you the most creative and efficient tooling solution for any project.

Quality tooling is a major investment – often exceeding the cost of the machine. We customize tool mounts to adapt to your existing designs allowing you the flexibility to use new tooling easily with the equipment already on your floor. By purchasing tooling with your Unison machine, you de-risk your process. We guarantee it fits easily and makes parts accurately before it leaves our facility.

As with our bending machines, Unison is pioneering innovation in tooling including quick change collets and mandrels and bar coded tooling for automated setup. These innovations save you time, money and prevent costly errors during changeovers.

Bring us your tooling requirements – let’s find a solution.


To discuss our tooling capabilities please get in touch with our sales team on +44(0)1723 582 868 or email [email protected]


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