Evbend CNC Manual Bender


The Silkmead Evbend 1000 is a CNC controlled, manually operated 3 axis CNC precision Tube bending machine  with a capacity of up to 1 inch diameter.

Tube Bending

Our latest Evebend  is able to bend tubes up to 2” O/D (EB2000) with a power assisted bend arm developed by Unisons design specialists. All our tube benders are production robust and conform to industry standards.

Tube Coiling

The EB1000/2000 can produce coils for a wide range of industries that include Heating and Processing Industries. Vending, Commercial Vehicles, Printing, the Brewery trade.

End Forming

Our DB50 machinery caters for end forming, end closing, bending and hole punching. Complex and basic design end forms are produced on ferrous/ non-ferrous tube, ranging from 4mm to 63mm tube diameter.

Silkmead Tubular adds 30 years’ experience of tube manipulation where their brand provided both product and production knowledge to the aerospace and military and also the world of F1 racing.


  • Machine Dimensions / Spec
    Tube range: 3mm-approx 25mm
    Tube range dependent on material type
    Bend radius (CLR}: 12mm-135mm
    Bend settings: 100
    Max tube length over mandrel: 3352mm
    Max bend arm movement: 190˚
    Length 3658mm
    Height at carriage 1500mm
    Width at bend head 840mm
    Weight 365kg
  • Options
    Mandrel support assembly
    Data management software (requires PC)
    Wiper die bracket – right and left hand


  • 220v Single Phase
  • Compressed Air Supply – 80 psi



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