8 inch tube bending machine – 220mm Unison Breeze

  • Capable of bending tube up to 8 inches (220mm) in diameter (sch. 40 pipe)
  • Available in left or right hand versions
  • Unibend V11 – Easy to use PC Based Control System Using Windows
  • Internet Off Site Diagnostics & Black Box Diagnostics
  • Setup time is reduced, Setup skill level required is reduced
  • Scrap is reduced and productivity increased

In 2014, the Unison R & D team worked closely with a customer to develop a ground-breaking all-electric machine capable of bending tubes and pipes up to 8 inches/ 220 mm in diameter. Until this development, the largest all-electric machines offered by most vendors could typically handle maximum tube/pipe sizes up to 7 inches/ 175 mm.
The novel electromechanical actuation architecture we developed during this project has future-proofed the scaling of even larger machines, which means we are able to take steps to 250-300 mm pipe sizes with ease, with bend torques up to a million Newton-metres or more.



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