3 inch tube bending machine – 76mm Unison Breeze


  • Suitable for bending tubes up to 3 inches (76mm) diameter including stainless steel
  • Available in multi-radius, multi-stack, single-stack and left or right hand versions
  • Direct acting clamp and pressure die for rigidity and accuracy
  • Full CNC control over all axis including clamp and pressure dies
  • Force sensing on the clamp & pressure die
  • Very environmentally friendly no hydraulic leaks, oil waste etc.
  • Noise level: 50 to 60db (voice level)
  • Unibend V11 – Easy to use PC Based Control System Using Windows
  • Machine auto lubrication system as standard
  • Internet Off Site Diagnostics & Black Box Diagnostics
  • Setup time is reduced, Setup skill level required is reduced
  • Scrap is reduced and productivity increased

This high capacity 3 inch tube bending machine is ideal for high accuracy and repeatability necessary for the automotive & furniture industry.

Options Include :

Multi Stack, Multi Radius, Boosted Powered Follower (SERVO),  Full Length Carriage Push (SERVO), Roll Forming, Mandrel Retraction (SERVO) Mandrel Lubrication, CMM Interface, Split Tooling, CAD Links, 3D Machine Simulation, Tooling Barcode Reader and Robot Loading & Unloading.


76mm Solution1

White Brothers had a large amount of products that required high quality finish bends for their exhausts and mufflers. Their carbon pro exhaust is one of the top line exhausts in the moto-cross industry and supply many top racing teams including thier own. They needed a CNC bending machine that could produce all of their product range.


To supply a 76mm Breeze Multi Radius machine capable of producing all the exhaust components for the White Brothers range of exhausts and mufflers.

The machine could mount various radius’s at the same time which would reduce their change over time between product runs. The machine had to be capable of bending tubes from their smallest diameter tube to the largest used. This gave them total control over their production of the exhausts as previously they would buy the bends from an outside source.



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