Twin Head Bending Machine


  • Suitable for bending tubes up to 38mm diameter
  • Very environmentally friendly no hydraulic leaks, oil waste etc.
  • Typical power consumption: 3 phase 380/415v. 33 amp peak on 38mm x 2mm wall stainless steel 90 deg bend 2.5 amp per phase between bends
  • Noise level: 50 to 60db (voice level)
  • Unibend V10 – Easy to use PC Based Control System Using Windows
  • Machine auto lubrication system as standard
  • Internet Off Site Diagnostics & Black Box Diagnostics
  • Setup time is reduced, Setup skill level required is reduced
  • Scrap is reduced and productivity increased

For high speed manufacture of wheel barrows or seat frames where symmetrical shapes are required. Machines can be fitted with weld seam detection units, end formers, tube marking equipment, bar code tube batch readers etc. The automatic unloading can use stacking equipment or robots for a second operation such as punching or welding.


Twin Head Solution


Olicana manufacture frames to support baths; there are two frames required for every bath. These need to be produced automatically every 11 seconds to meet the production target. The next operation was punching.


The twin head bending machine supplied was a compression bend style bender where no mandrel is used. It was designed to produce a 6 bend part every 11 seconds and to do this from a bundle of 500 tubes.

The machine has two electric servo driven bend heads mounted upon two electric servo driven carriages. An out of plane clamp and rotation unit is mounted in the centre of the machine for rotating the tubes whilst the two bend heads move in towards the centre of the machine for the next bend position.

As this machine produces two bends at a time it is very efficient in production time for symetrical parts such as car seats, wheel barrows, bath frames etc.



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